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I am telling a short story.

The day was 28.12.2017 at night, then I think it was a little more than 11:30, then I massaged Bonnie and said let's start the first day of the new year with something a little better than 01.01.2018, and she said OKAY, what is to be done ...? It was decided that I would hand over the cakes to the poor children around the Railway station. In the first case, I would hand over the cakes worth 5 rupees per piece to a total of 60 children. Then I thought I would write a message and send it to some people I know if there was any help. The message was like this: "On the first day of the new year, we want to do something for the little poor kids. If you want any help, you can come forward, and if you like it." You can share with your friends. " Many people are sent messages in this way, but it was limited to WhatsApp, after that, I got help and got a little more than 1400 rupees. Many of those who helped us with the money thought that we will embezzle that money ourselves, although many of them are still working with the group. Then we went out on the morning of January 1, 2018, with Bonnie and Akash. Then I meet one of my brothers who told me Dipayan go to Kalirhat Blind School rather than going to the station, after that Akash called Rishikesh Da again, and then Rishikesh Da took us to that Kalirhat Blind School that day. I am accompanied by Bonnie, Tukai, and Akash. We brought a variety of biscuits, cakes, chocolates, bread, curry, and cold hats for school children. At that time there was no name, no Facebook page or group. However, it was created to discuss what things will be taken for the children, since then it has started and is still going on.

Honestly, I may have liked it better today than I did that day, maybe as the years go by, the amount of liking will increase even more. What happened on that day! Handing out grocery materials along with the medical expense, eye camp, handing out sanitary napkins to women in tea gardens, giving new clothes for puja, giving blankets to people in winter paths, giving winter clothes in various closed tea gardens, planting trees, blood donation camp. Our team organized drawing competitions for small children, various awareness camps through relentless efforts, but I never thought I would do everything. Thanks to all the people who have been with us all the time, I hope you will be with us in the days to come. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

- Dipayan Datta (Founder KIRANDHUPGURI)

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